Before Moving to Ancaster In Hamilton, Ontario: Read This!

Matthew Kelly | eXp Realty 
15 Jun 2024

Everything you need to know before moving to Ancaster

Thinking about moving to Ancaster in Hamilton, Ontario? Well, you’re in luck because I’ve got all the insider info you need to know about this fantastic community. 

From its charming neighborhoods and top-rated schools to its beautiful parks and great shopping, Ancaster has it all. 

Stick around, and by the end of this, you’ll see why so many people are flocking to this gem on the Niagara Escarpment. And don’t forget, you can grab your FREE Hamilton Home Buyers Starter Kit today to make your move even smoother!

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Welcome to Ancaster

Ancaster is truly one of Hamilton’s best-kept secrets. Imagine a place where you can find charming original bungalows sitting on spacious lots and brand-new detached homes and town homes. 

Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly neighbourhood or a quiet retreat, Ancaster has something for everyone. Plus, it’s located on the picturesque Niagara Escarpment, offering some of the best views and outdoor activities around.

  • Charming Homes: You’ll find original bungalows on spacious lots, perfect for those who love classic architecture. There are also new detached homes and town homes for those looking for modern living spaces.
  • Family-Friendly: Ancaster is known for its safe neighbourhoods, making it an ideal place for families. The community vibe here is strong, and you’ll often see kids playing in the parks and streets.
  • Convenient Location: Located on the southwest side of Hamilton, Ancaster offers easy access to major highways, making commuting a breeze. Plus, being on the Niagara Escarpment means you get stunning natural views.

Schools in Ancaster

When it comes to education, Ancaster doesn’t disappoint. With some of the top-rated schools in the region, it’s a fantastic place for families with kids. 

The Fraser Institute ratings speak for themselves, and with nine elementary schools and two high schools, you’re never far from a great education.

  • Top-Rated Schools: Ancaster’s schools are consistently ranked high by the Fraser Institute, making it a sought-after area for families.

  • Elementary Schools: There are nine elementary schools, including four Catholic schools like St. Ann’s and five public schools such as Spring Valley Elementary.

  • High Schools: For older kids, there are two high schools: Ancaster Public High School and Bishop Tonnos Catholic High School.

  • Proximity: While some neighbourhoods have schools within walking distance, others might not. If proximity to schools is a priority for you, feel free to reach out for personalized advice on the best areas.

Parks and Recreation

Love the great outdoors? Ancaster has plenty to offer! From the stunning Tiffany Falls to the expansive Dundas Valley Conservation Area, there are endless opportunities for hiking, picnicking, and enjoying nature. 

Plus, with local parks like Meadowlands Community Park and numerous golf courses, there’s something for everyone.

  • Tiffany Falls: This is one of the easier hikes in the area, perfect for a quick nature escape. It’s a beautiful spot, especially in the fall when the leaves change color.
  • Dundas Valley Conservation Area: For those who love longer hikes, this area offers many kilometres of trails and multiple waterfalls. There are even some historic ruins to explore.
  • Local Parks: Meadowlands Community Park is a local favorite with a jungle gym, splash pad, and various sports fields. The Corporal Nathan Cirillo Free Run Area is a popular dog park located in the Meadowlands shopping center.
  • Golfing: If you’re a golf enthusiast, you’ll love the options here, including the Hamilton Golf and Country Club, Oak Gables Golf Course, and the Eagle Classic Driving Range and Mini Putt.

Shopping in Ancaster

If shopping is your thing, you’ll love Ancaster’s shopping centers. The Meadowlands Shopping Centre and Ancaster Smart Centre have everything you need, from Costco and Cineplex to Walmart and Canadian Tire. Plus, there are plenty of smaller plazas on Wilson Street for all your everyday essentials.

  • Meadowlands Shopping Centre: This plaza has a wide range of stores including Costco, Cineplex, Home Depot, Golf Town, and Sobeys. There’s even a dog park in the middle, making it convenient for pet owners.
  • Ancaster Smart Centre: Located on the opposite side of Ancaster, this center features Walmart, Rona, Canadian Tire, Goodlife Fitness, and Winners. It’s a one-stop shop for all your needs.
  • Smaller Plazas on Wilson Street: For quick and easy access to basic amenities, the smaller plazas on Wilson Street are perfect. They offer a variety of essential services and shops.

Real Estate Market in Ancaster

Ancaster’s real estate market is diverse and offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a cozy bungalow, a spacious detached home, or a modern condo, you’ll find it here. And with a wide range of prices, you’re sure to find something that fits your budget.

  • Detached Homes: These make up 66% of real estate sales in Ancaster. Prices range from $1 million to $1.5 million for original bungalows and newer 2-storey homes. For custom infill homes, prices can go from $1.5 million to $4 million, offering 2000-4000 sq. ft. and large private lots.
  • Townhomes: Representing 29% of sales, townhomes are priced between $700,000 to $900,000. They typically offer 2-3 storeys with 3-4 bedrooms and bathrooms. About half are condo townhomes with monthly fees, while the other half are freehold townhomes.
  • Condos: Making up 5% of sales, condos are priced between $500,000 to $700,000. They usually feature 1-2 bedrooms and bathrooms, and range from 700-1200 sq. ft. These are often located in low-rise buildings near major plazas.

Neighbourhood Breakdown

Ancaster is made up of several unique neighborhoods, each with its own charm and character. From the newer Meadowlands to the historic Central Corridor, and the more developed Western Side, there’s a perfect spot for everyone.


  • Meadowlands: This neighborhood is relatively new, with homes built in the early 2000s. The area has a cohesive look and feel, making it a desirable spot for families.

  • Central Corridor: This area includes some of Ancaster’s original neighborhoods such as Ancaster Heights, Mohawk Meadows, and Fiddler’s Green. You’ll find smaller bungalows on larger lots and many custom infill projects.

  • Western Side: Home to Clear View Estates, Oak Hill, and Spring Valley, this side of Ancaster features homes developed from the 1960s to the 1990s. It also has some of the largest infill projects.

Amenities on Map

Understanding where everything is in Ancaster can help you get a feel for the community. From shopping centers and parks to key roads and transit options, here’s a quick overview.

  1. Shopping Centers: Major shopping areas include Meadowlands Shopping Centre and Ancaster Smart Centre. Key roads like Wilson Street provide easy access to these centers.

  2. Parks: Notable parks include Tiffany Falls, Dundas Valley Conservation Area, and Meadowlands Community Park. These areas offer great recreational activities.

  3. Transit: Main highway entrances such as the 403 make commuting easy. The traffic flow is generally smooth, with occasional bottlenecks during peak hours.

Home Tour

Let’s take a tour of one of Ancaster’s beautiful homes. This $1.9 million detached home in the Meadowlands neighbourhood is a must-see. With soaring ceilings, a spacious living room, a backyard oasis, and an in-law suite in the basement, it’s the perfect family home.

  • Stunning Home: This home is listed at $1.9 million and offers 4,855 sq. ft. of living space. The soaring ceilings in the front foyer create a grand entrance.
  • Bedrooms: There are four large bedrooms, including a spacious master suite with an en-suite bathroom.
  • In-Law Suite: The basement features a complete separate in-law suite with two bedrooms, a large basement window, and a separate entrance, making it perfect for extended family.


Transit Scores

Getting around in Ancaster is pretty convenient, but here’s a breakdown of how it stacks up in terms of walkability, transit, and biking.

  • Walk Score: Ancaster scores a 62, which is above Hamilton’s average of 50. While the community is walkable for those living near major plazas, a car is generally needed for errands.
  • Transit Score: The transit score is 23, compared to Hamilton’s average of 45. Public transit options are limited, so most residents rely on cars.
  • Bike Score: Ancaster scores a 67, higher than Hamilton’s average of 50. There are plenty of good biking paths for those who enjoy cycling.

Ancaster’s Village  

Ancaster’s Village is the heart of the community, full of charm and local businesses. From historic buildings and the public library to great eateries and the weekly farmers market, it’s a place you’ll love to visit.

  • Local Businesses: Some must-visit spots include Blackbird Brewery, Coach and Lantern, The Purple Pony, The Olive Board Charcuterie & Wine Bar, and Chocolate Sensations. Each offers a unique experience and high-quality products.

  • Historic Buildings: The village has a rich history, with many buildings that date back to its early days. The Ancaster Public Library is a central hub for the community.

  • Farmers Market: Held at the Ancaster Memorial Arts Centre, the market features fresh produce from local farms like Cranston Farms and Lindley’s Farms. It’s a great place to support local agriculture and enjoy fresh food.

No visit to Ancaster is complete without stopping by Caniche French Bakery. This local gem offers delicious pastries and a cozy atmosphere, perfect for a quick treat or a leisurely brunch.


So there you have it – all the reasons why Ancaster is a fantastic place to live. From its beautiful homes and top-rated schools to its great parks and shopping, there’s something for everyone here. 


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