BURLINGTON Ontario's Neighbourhoods Explained. [Best & Worst Areas EXPOSED]

Matthew Kelly | eXp Realty 
30 Jul 2023

BURLINGTON Ontario's Neighbourhoods Explained. [Best & Worst Areas EXPOSED]

Hey there, future Burlingtonians! If you’re eyeing Burlington, Ontario, as your next home base, you’ve got some exciting decisions ahead. 

With over 21 unique neighbourhoods, each with its own vibe and amenities, Burlington is like a treasure chest of community gems. And guess what? I’ve got the perfect tool to help you navigate this treasure map – our FREE Burlington Home Buyers Starter Kit

But more on that later. Let’s dive into the heart of Burlington and see what each neighbourhood has in store for you!

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Grab Your FREE Burlington Home Buyers Starter Kit

Before you start your search for your next home in one of the neighbourhoods in Burlington, Ontario make sure you download our FREE Essential Burlington Home Buyers Starter Kit

With this free resource, you’ll gain access to insider knowledge about the best neighbourhoods in Burlington and learn how to avoid common pitfalls. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned pro, this kit is a must-have

Burlington's Layout: More Than Just a Pretty Space

Burlington isn’t just a pretty face on the map; it’s smartly split into three main areas: South, Central, and North Burlington. Each area has its own personality and perks.

If you’re a commuter, especially one who’s Toronto-bound, you’ll want to get the lowdown on the best spots to avoid those pesky traffic jams. Trust me, knowing the ins and outs of Burlington’s layout is like having a secret weapon during rush hour.

South Burlington: Sun, Space, and Sea

South Burlington is everything south of the 403/QEW, and it’s a commuter’s dream with a side of lake views. 

If you’re looking to dodge the traffic dance, I’ve got some insider tips that’ll save you time and sanity. Watch the video above to learn about them! 

Downtown Burlington: The Heartbeat of the City

Downtown Burlington is a trio of neighborhoods where the vibe is as diverse as the housing. From the budget-friendly Plains to the upscale condos, there’s something for everyone. 

And with the Burlington GO station within arm’s reach, you’re never too far from anywhere.

Central Burlington: The Sweet Spot

Nestled between the highways and Upper Middle Road, Central Burlington is where convenience meets community. Neighborhoods like Mountain Gardens and Palmer are where you’ll find that sweet spot of suburban bliss and city convenience. 

Tansley and Corporate are the up-and-comers, with fresh developments that are calling your name.

North Burlington: The New Kid on the Block

The new neighborhoods north of Upper Middle are the fresh faces of Burlington. They’re the modern dream with a side of community spirit.

Here, the homes are as new as some of the neighbors you’ll meet, and the amenities? Top-notch.

Getting Around: Your Burlington Transit Map

Whether you’re train-hopping at the GO stations or cruising the highways, getting around Burlington is a breeze.

 And with major arteries like the 403 and QEW at your disposal, you’re always just a drive away from adventure

Life in Burlington: More Than Just a Place to Sleep

Burlington isn’t just where you hang your hat; it’s where life happens. From the prestigious Burlington Golf and Country Club in Aldershot to the vibrant community events downtown, there’s always something to do, see, or be a part of.

If you’re feeling the call of Burlington, don’t go it alone. Let’s chat about your big move. And don’t forget to snag your FREE Burlington Home Buyers Starter Kit. It’s packed with insights and resources that’ll make finding your perfect neighbourhood a walk in the park.




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