Looking to Buy A 2 Storey Home  Bungalow Condo Townhouse Multi Family ?

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Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate

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Hi, I'm Matthew!

I’m a realtor who does not sell real estate…..

Instead I focus on helping buyers learn about their possible new city and neighbourhoods to ensure they make a smart investment both financially and for their family’s lifestyle. 

This is my creed. I am not here to tell you about how many awards I have won or how many completed transactions I have done because this is not about me.

It’s about you and your family and which neighbourhoods, lifestyle and type of home works best 

So each day I work on creating videos for my YouTube channel as well as exclusive client videos answering  all the questions you might have about moving to a new city and buying a home. 

Today you can now get all the real info about each city and its neighbourhoods on my youtube channel to help you discover which areas are best. 

Then when you are ready I’m here to jump on a call and create a customized buying plan that fits your needs. 

It Begins Right Here.

Step 0

Learn About The Cities

You are not just buying a home you are buying the neighbourhood, city, culture and all the amenities that go with your next home. So ensure you are choosing the right community. Check out my youtube & website to learn everything about your next home town! 

Step 1

Get Pre-Approved

Imagine shopping on Black Friday without your wallet. By the time you got back, all of the best deals would be gone. That’s what it’s like shopping for a property without having proof of funds or pre-approval. Not pre-approved? Book a call today to learn who I recommend working with. 

Step 2

Intake Form

Just like when you go to the doctor’s office, our intake form digs out all of the information we need to get you started. It will take about five minutes to complete and will make sure we never miss a detail.

Step 3

Book Consult

Our consultation isn’t for us to brag about how awesome we are. Instead, it’s to focus on you and your goals, answer any questions and outline a game plan for your purchase. Our time together will make the process less stressful and save tons of time.

Step 4

Find the One

Whether you decide to go the resale or new construction route, you can start shopping for the perfect property for your goals and your lifestyle.

Step 5

Learn To Negotiate

It’s no secret that this market has been competitive. As the market, trends and laws change, it’s important to go into the negotiation process fully educated. This workshop will help you navigate the market and the negotiation process so you can dominate it like a pro. Schedule a consult today to receive access.


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Why Work With Me

Real Estate One on One Approach

One on One Tailored Approach

Focusing on protecting and promoting your interests while catering to your needs with a customized approach for your negotiation & purchase strategy

Real Estate Education

Focused on Empowering You

Empowering YOU on the transaction & buying process through education, allowing us to make the best decision for you

Out of This World Customer Service

Out of This World Service

Simplifying the buying process  by eliminating the hassle for you while also protecting your best interests throughout the process 



Anticipating shifts in the market and proactively identifying potential issues & opportunities while providing professional guidance throughout the process


Matthew Kelly is a Sale Representative helping buyers, sellers & investors with their real estate needs in the greater Toronto Area

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Matthew Kelly is a Sale Representative helping buyers, sellers & investors with their real estate needs in the Greater Toronto Area

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