Discover the Best Hamilton Ontario Neighbourhoods to Live in

Matthew Kelly | eXp Realty
September 10, 2022

So, you're considering moving to Hamilton, Ontario, but need to figure out which neighbourhood is right for you and your family.

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As Hamilton is a large city with more than a hundred neighbourhoods to choose from, and like any large city, there are definitely some areas you want to avoid. 

In this blog, we’ll point you in the right direction by giving you the best neighbourhoods to move to in Hamilton, Ontario. We’ll also cover some of the pros, cons, and real estate opportunities each neighbourhood offers so that you know if it’s right for you.

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Westdale: A Lively Neighborhood for Everyone

If you’re looking for a great neighbourhood to live in, you might want to consider Westdale. Located next to McMaster University, Westdale offers a unique atmosphere combining liveliness and relaxation, with mature trees lining the streets and nature.

A Wide Variety of Homes

Westdale mainly features various older detached homes. But if you explore the area a bit, you’ll come across some stunning properties.

A Great Place for Families

Westdale (Central Hamilton) neighbourhood

Apart from being popular among students and professors, Westdale is also home to many young families. It’s close to McMaster’s Children’s Hospital and has great parks and schools.

Natural Surroundings

Westdale is also right next to Cootes Paradise, which offers over 60 acres of naturally preserved land with over ten distinct trails and 18 kilometres to explore. It’s a great place to hike and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings.

A Word of Caution

It’s noteworthy that Westdale sometimes gets a bit rowdy, especially during McMaster’s many events like Homecoming or Frosh Week. But if you’re looking for a lively neighbourhood with plenty of natural beauty and great local businesses, Westdale might be the perfect place.

East Waterdown: A Perfect Mix of Old and New

If you’re looking for a neighbourhood with newer detached homes, check out East Waterdown. 

As the name implies, this is located on the east side of Waterdown on the border of Burlington, right off of Dundas.

South Side of Dundas Road: Perfect for Modern Living

The south side of Dundas is where you’ll find brand-new neighbourhoods built in the last five years or so. These areas offer many options for families looking to upgrade to a detached home or young families searching for modern townhomes. There are also some new large condominium buildings perfect for young professionals looking for an easy commute to work.

East Waterdown
east waterdown new builds

North Side of Dundas Road: Mature Neighborhood

On the north side of Dundas, you’ll find a slightly more mature neighbourhood with homes on slightly larger lots. 

Many of these homes were built in the late 90s/early 2000s. 

This area is great for families looking for a more established neighbourhood with more space.

Access to Burlington Amenities

Waterdown is a fantastic place to live because of its easy access to all the amenities Burlington offers without the high real estate prices. 

Local businesses like the Copper Kettle and Pickwick Books offer unique shopping experiences, while the natural beauty of Wilderdown is on full display with nearby waterfalls like Smokey Hollow.

smokey hollow

Car Dependence

One disadvantage of living in Waterdown is that public transportation options are limited. Since it’s on the edge of Hamilton, there is less public transportation available, and residents will need to rely more on cars to get around.

Kirkendall: An More Walkable Option

Kirkendall is the perfect fit if you’re looking for an upscale neighbourhood. It’s nestled between Aberdeen and Main Street on the west side of Hamilton, just outside the downtown core. This area is known for its picturesque streets with red brick homes.


Families will love the excellent schools around, including St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School. It offers a French immersion program from kindergarten to grade 8.

Locke Street

Local Businesses

Locke Street is a vibrant and trendy strip of local businesses that you can find within the neighbourhood. It’s the perfect spot for coffee, food, and drinks. You can relax and sip an espresso, enjoy a bite, or grab a pint. 

Earth to Table Bread Bar is a local favourite because it offers some of the best pizzas made from locally sourced ingredients. Donut Monster is also a must-visit for those with a sweet tooth.

If you’re in the mood for fried chicken, you should head to Maddie’s Hot Chicken. It’s a fantastic spot for crispy and delicious fried chicken that will leave you wanting more.


This neighbourhood is a great location that offers easy access to downtown. You can get there through a short walk, bus ride, or drive. You’ll have access to all the exciting events and festivals in the downtown core.

If you’re a nature lover, you can enjoy lounging in the beautiful Highland Gardens Park or hiking along the Chedoke Radial Trail to the multiple escarpment stairs. You’ll get an amazing stair workout in the summertime. For golf enthusiasts, Chedoke Golf Club offers both the Martin and the Doe Golf Courses to explore.

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Mountain View Neighborhood: Quiet and Peaceful

If you’re seeking a peaceful neighbourhood with a laid-back atmosphere, Mountain View in Hamilton, Ontario, might be the perfect spot for you.

Located on the mountain just north of the Lincoln Alexander Parkway, this neighbourhood offers easy access to both the Link and the 403, providing residents with access to all the fantastic amenities in Ancaster Indian Mountain.

Mountain View
mountain view neighbourhood

Housing Options ​

Mountain View experienced a significant construction boom between the 1960s and 1980s. 

Single-detached homes comprise around 50 percent of the available properties, with the other half comprising large apartment buildings and townhome complexes.


One of the notable features of the area is its collection of parks.

Olympic Park is one such park that offers a variety of sports fields. These fields can accommodate various sports activities such as soccer, baseball, or football.

Another significant park is Mountain View Parks. This park is characterized by its large green space, which provides ample room for leisurely activities and outdoor gatherings. The park also features a jungle gym.

Education in Mountain View

Mountain View is also home to several reputable schools, including Mountain View Elementary School, the second-highest-rated elementary school in the city. Residents rave about the school’s quality education, test scores, instructors’ thoughtfulness, and up-to-date facilities.

Mountain View is an excellent option for those who want a quiet neighbourhood with easy access to amenities, parks, and quality schools. With diverse housing options, this neighbourhood caters to all types of residents, from singles to families.

Winona in Stoney Creek: Great Schools and Nature

If you’re looking for a neighbourhood with great schools, Winona in Stoney Creek is definitely worth checking out. This small community is located on the furthest west side of Hamilton on Lake Ontario and has easy access to the QEW, making it a short commute to both Niagara Falls and the US border.

Development and Housing

Since the early 2000s, Winona has seen a lot of development, with new homes being built and a large plaza recently added. Most of the homes in the area are either single detached or attached communities.

winona map
winona neighbourhood

Nature and Recreation

When you want to relax in nature, the 50 Point Conservation Area is just a short drive away. 

This beautiful conservation park has amazing beaches and walking paths and is home to migrating birds that stop here.

Food and Drink

If you’re a barbecue lover, check out Memphis Fire Barbecue Company. This award-winning spot has been featured on Canada’s Food Network’s “You Gotta Eat Here!” But if barbecue isn’t your thing, don’t worry—Winona is on the edge of wine country, so there are plenty of wineries to explore just a short drive away.

Ancaster Heights - Luxurious Neighborhood

Located on the northern tip of Ancaster, on the escarpment of Hamilton, lies the stunning neighbourhood of Ancaster Heights. 

It is a beautiful residential area with some of the most exquisite detached homes you’ll ever come across. The neighbourhood boasts mature trees and scenic views that will leave you breathless.

Luxurious Homes

You’ll find a mix of original homes built in the ’70s and newer custom builds that add to the area’s luxurious atmosphere.

Ancaster Heights

 However, with such beauty and exclusivity comes a price—Ancaster Heights is one of the more expensive neighbourhoods in Hamilton.

Scenic Waterfalls and Easy Access to McMaster University

One of the perks of living in Ancaster Heights is easy access to some of the best waterfalls in the region. You can take a short walk to admire Tiffany Waterfall, Washboard Falls, or Sherman Falls

Additionally, if you plan to attend McMaster University, the neighbourhood is a short drive down the escarpment, giving you convenient access to the campus.

tifanny waterfalls

Local Businesses

The Ancaster Mill is a classic fine dining spot perfect for any special occasion. The Coach and Lantern British Pub is another great option with a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for catching up with friends.

The Delta’s (East & West) - Affordable Living

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly area within Hamilton, the Deltas, both East and West, might be a great option.

Plenty of Green Space and Community Events

The Deltas are located on the east side of Hamilton and offer plenty of green space, beautiful character red brick homes, and abundant community events, especially during summer. Additionally, the neighbourhood offers excellent schools, making it a great place for families.

the deltas map


One of the biggest parks within Hamilton’s downtown core, Gage Park, is just a short walk away from the Deltas. 

The park offers plenty of green space, a massive fountain, a gorgeous rose garden, and an impressive greenhouse with beautiful flowers throughout the year. 

The park also has an outdoor stage, making it an ideal location for various events like the annual rib fest held every year.

Restaurants and Shopping Options

The Deltas neighbourhood provides plenty of options for dining and shopping, making it a great place to explore. These include Cafe Baffico and Wass Ethiopian Restaurant.

Leckie Park - Modern Neighborhood

If you’re considering moving to Hamilton and looking for a great neighbourhood, consider Leckie Park. This modern community is on the northeast side of Stoney Creek’s mountain, just off Upper Centennial Parkway.

New Homes and Luxurious Finishings

Leckie Park is a newly constructed neighbourhood that offers many modern detached homes with luxurious finishings. You’ll also find some amazing townhome communities mixed in throughout the neighbourhood.

Leckie Park
new homes in leckie park

Convenient Location

Leckie Park is situated next to a massive shopping center, where you can find everything you need for your day-to-day needs.

Outdoor Movie Theater

It is also home to the Starlite Drive-In Movie Theatre, which offers three different outdoor movie theatre screens playing movies every weekend. It’s a great spot to enjoy a movie under the stars and make some fun memories with family and friends.

albion falls hamilton

Nature and Hiking Trails

When you want to enjoy nature, Leckie Park has got you covered. The neighbourhood is located near Felkers Falls, Albion Falls, and many other trails for you to explore. 

Dining Options

After hiking, you can visit the Greek Palace, a favourite Greek spot in Hamilton, to grab a gyro and some Greek fries.

Binbrook - Affordable Homes, Rural Charm, and Access to Nature

Located just 10 minutes outside of north Stoney Creek in the rural part of Hamilton known as Glanbrook, Binbrook is an up-and-coming community with many new development options.

Affordable Homes in Binbrook

One of the things that makes Binbrook an attractive neighbourhood is the affordability of homes in the area. You’ll find primarily detached homes and townhomes built in the 2010s to today, making them relatively new compared to other areas in Hamilton. This is definitely a pro for those looking for newer homes at an affordable price.

binbrook map
binbrook homes

Growing Pains

However, as with any up-and-coming area, there are some growing pains to consider.

One of the biggest downsides of Binbrook is the lack of amenities in the area. While you’ll find some basic amenities nearby, you’ll still need to make a 10+ minute drive into Stoney Creek to access others. As the area continues to expand, this drive will likely increase in time due to traffic.

Access to Parks and Nature Trails

On the bright side, Binbrook is located in the more rural part of Hamilton, giving you access to some of the best parks in the city. 

The Binbrook Conservation Area is great for exploring nature and enjoying outdoor activities. From hiking on nature trails to canoeing or fishing, there are plenty of ways to get in touch with nature in this area.

 For those looking for more adventure, you can walk among the treetops with treetop trekking and even zipline down to the ground to enjoy the beach or the water through the fun splash sports park. You can even go wakeboarding on the lake!

Glenwood Heights in Dundas - The Perfect Neighbourhood for Outdoor Activities

If you’re searching for a place to settle down that offers more than just outdoor activities and nature parks, consider checking out Glenwood Heights in Dundas. This neighbourhood is situated at the top valley of Dundas, and it boasts mainly detached homes built in the 60s and 70s.


New builds with large lots and amazing views are also available, offering the relaxation and privacy many people seek.

Glenwood Heights in Dundas
dundas peak

Hiking opportunities near Glenwood Heights

Spencer Gorge is just around the corner for those who enjoy hiking. You can take a scenic hike on Hamilton’s largest falls, Webster Falls, or alongside Hamilton’s tallest waterfall at, Tew Falls

You can also hike to the top of Dundas Peak and admire the stunning views of Dundas and Spencer’s Gorge.

The Bottom Line

If you’re interested in any neighbourhood covered in this blog, message us. We’d happily answer your questions or set up a custom search alert for you.

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