MOVING TO GRIMSBY Ontario Top 10 Things to Know!

Matthew Kelly | eXp Realty 

20 Aug 2022

Welcome to Grimsby: Your Next Home Sweet Home?

Considering a move to the scenic shores of Lake Ontario? 

Grimsby is not just a town; it’s a lifestyle. Nestled in the heart of the Niagara region, this charming locale is all about community, nature, and a relaxed way of life. 

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  • Location: Grimsby, Ontario, Canada – A scenic town in the Niagara region.
  • Community: Known for its friendly atmosphere and beautiful landscapes.
  • Lifestyle: Offers a perfect blend of small-town charm and convenient amenities.

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Welcome to Grimsby: A Scenic Locale

Grimsby’s prime spot is where the lake meets the land, and vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see. It’s like getting the best of both worlds, with nature’s beauty at your doorstep and big city vibes just a short drive away. 

Let’s dive into what makes Grimsby’s location so special.

  • Geographical Setting: Situated on Lake Ontario’s shores, gateway to Niagara’s wine country.
  • Proximity to Major Cities: 30 minutes from Niagara Falls, 1 hour 15 minutes to Toronto, and close to the U.S. border for easy getaways or commutes.
  • Wine Country: Surrounded by picturesque vineyards, with local favourites like Beamsville, Vineland, and Jordan offering tours and tastings.

The Heart of Grimsby: Community and Lifestyle

Grimsby is where the community feels like family. It’s a town where people know your name, and “Friendly By Nature” isn’t just a saying—it’s a way of life. 

Let’s explore the community spirit that makes Grimsby a warm and welcoming place to call home.

  • Population Insights: A close-knit community of just under 30,000, offering a friendly small-town atmosphere.
  • Community Spirit: Engaging events like the Canada Day Festival, Earth Day Cleanup, and the Santa Claus Parade bring the community together.
  • Town Slogan: “Friendly By Nature” reflects the warm and welcoming community spirit, with stories of neighbours supporting each other in times of need.

Navigating Amenities: The Pros and Cons of Small-Town Living

Grimsby offers the charm and convenience of small-town living. While you might not find a mega mall on every corner, the unique local shops, cozy cafes, and community centers more than makeup for it. 

Let’s look at what you can expect in terms of amenities.

  • Available Amenities: Enjoy local shops, restaurants, sports fields, and essential services all within a short drive or walk.
  • Community Drawbacks: Fewer big-box retailers and specialty stores, but Hamilton’s shopping centers are just a short drive away.
  • Adapting to Small Town Life: Embrace the local lifestyle with community-focused living, where local markets and festivals are part of the charm.

Celebrating Local Businesses and Cuisine

Grimsby’s local businesses are the heartbeats of the town. From gourmet sandwiches to cozy coffee spots, these places add a unique flavour to community life. 

Let’s meet some of the local businesses that will become your new favourites.

  • Culinary Delights: Bench Kitchen for unique sandwiches, The Olive Board for wine and charcuterie, Noni’s Pizzeria for the best pizza in town, and Station 1 Coffee House for your caffeine fix.
  • Supporting Local: Choosing local businesses like these enriches community life and supports the local economy.
  • More Local Favorites: Discover more gems in downtown Grimsby and enjoy the personal touch and quality that come with supporting local entrepreneurs.

Agricultural Roots: The Local Farms of Grimsby

Grimsby’s countryside is rich with agricultural heritage. The local farms offer fresh produce, family-friendly activities, and a connection to the land. 

Here’s a taste of the agricultural life you’ll be part of in Grimsby.

  • Smith Two Century Farms: Known for their juicy cherries and peaches, offering pick-your-own experiences in a picturesque setting.
  • Sun Ray Orchards: A family-run farm since 1943, producing a variety of fruits, vegetables, and delicious baked goods available at their on-site market.
  • Farmer’s Market: Every Thursday, Grimsby Farmer’s Market takes place, featuring local produce, artisanal goods, and a vibrant community atmosphere.

Green Spaces and Conservation Efforts

Grimsby is a haven for nature lovers, with its conservation areas, parks, and trails. Whether you’re into bird watching, hiking, or just enjoying a picnic, there’s a green space for you. 

Let’s explore some of the natural beauties Grimsby offers.

  • 50 Point Conservation Area: Offers a sandy beach, boating opportunities, hiking trails, and recognized bird-watching spots.
  • Beemer Memorial and Other Parks: Beemer Memorial provides breathtaking views and trails, while other parks like Coronation Park and Forty Mile Creek Park offer community green spaces and recreational facilities.
  • Grimsby Beach and Gingerbread Houses: Enjoy a day at the rocky beach or take a stroll to admire the historic and colourful Victorian “gingerbread” houses.

A Roof Over Your Head: Grimsby's Real Estate Market

Whether you’re looking for a lakeside condo, a cozy downtown home, or a spacious rural retreat, Grimsby’s real estate market has it all. 

Let’s dive into the diverse neighbourhoods and housing options that make Grimsby a great place to live.

  • Diverse Neighborhoods: Explore areas like Grimsby by the Lake for modern living, downtown for historic charm, and the rural outskirts for spacious homes.
  • Housing Trends: Send me a message to stay informed with the latest statistics on home prices, types, and market conditions in Grimsby.
  • Future Developments: Keep an eye on upcoming projects and neighbourhood expansions that might just include your dream home.

Educational Landscape: Schools and Opportunities

Education is a cornerstone of the Grimsby community, with a range of impressive schools and nearby post-secondary institutions. 

Whether for your kids or lifelong learning, here’s what you need to know about education in Grimsby.

  • School Overview: Discover the variety of public and Catholic elementary schools, as well as two high schools known for their quality education.
  • Post-Secondary Proximity: Learn about nearby colleges and universities like McMaster University, Mohawk College, and Brock University.
  • Educational Resources: Utilize tools like the Fraser Institute ratings to make informed decisions about your children’s education.

Health and Wellness in Grimsby

In Grimsby, your health and wellness are well taken care of. With local healthcare facilities and a community that values active living, you’ll find everything you need to live a healthy, happy life. Let’s look at the healthcare options available to you.

  • West Lincoln Memorial Hospital: Providing a range of inpatient and outpatient services, including emergency services, surgery, and maternal and newborn programs.
  • New Hospital Development: This is currently under construction and should be done shortly

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