Exploring Neighbourhoods in Hamilton: The Best and Worst Communities to Live In

Matthew Kelly | eXp Realty
October 29, 2022

Thinking of making the move to Hamilton, Ontario but unsure of which neighbourhood to settle in? Look no further!

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In this blog, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive guide to some of the city’s best neighbourhoods that offer the perfect blend of convenience, community, and culture.

From family-friendly suburbs with top-rated schools to trendy urban areas with bustling nightlife, there’s something for everyone in Hamilton.

We’ll also provide some insider tips on which neighbourhoods to approach with caution and factors you should consider before deciding. So, let’s get started on finding your dream neighbourhood in Hamilton!

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Industrial Sectors (Central Hamilton)

Hamilton, Ontario, has a long history of industrial steel manufacturing, earning the nickname “Steel City.” It is known for its strong ties to the manufacturing and industrial sectors, making it a hub for blue-collar workers.

The Industrial Sectors is one of the neighbourhoods located in Hamilton that reflects this reputation. It is located on the North End of Hamilton, just outside the downtown core, within the Hamilton Harbor.

industrial sector map


One of the biggest advantages of living in the Industrial Sectors is affordability. It is one of the most affordable areas in Hamilton, with many historic homes built around 1900 – 1950s  that offer great value for their price. Additionally, it is a close-knit community, with families who have lived there for generations and know each other well.

industrial sectors neighbourhood

Potential Risks

On the downside, the area’s proximity to the manufacturing and industrial sectors can be a nuisance. The constant presence of large, noisy trucks and heavy traffic on busy roads can be disruptive to daily life.

Residents may also experience air pollution and other environmental hazards that come with living near industrial plants.

Real Estate

The Industrial Sectors offers some of the most affordable real estate options in Hamilton, with many historic homes that are over a century old. The homes are often built in the traditional style of the time, with brick and wood exteriors and large yards. The Industrial Sectors is an excellent option for those interested in owning a piece of Hamilton’s history.

Local Attractions

Despite the industrial setting, the Industrial Sector has a hidden gem: Collective Brewery Arts. This brewery offers a variety of amazing beers and ciders, as well as fantastic artwork that is on display. The brewery is a great place to relax and unwind and a testament to the creative energy that can be found in Hamilton’s neighbourhoods.

Sydenham (Dundas)

Sydenham in Dundas, Ontario, is a serene and peaceful neighbourhood just outside the industrial and manufacturing sectors. It is positioned against the valley wall and is far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city. The neighbourhood is situated right outside the small downtown strip of Dundas and offers an array of amenities and attractions.

Amenities and Attractions

One of the most popular attractions in Sydenham is the Dundas Driving Park

Sydenham (Dundas) map
dundas driving park

The park offers various activities, including various baseball diamonds, tennis courts, lawn bowling, a classic big jungle gym, and splash pads.

During the wintertime, the park transforms into an outdoor skating rink, providing endless entertainment opportunities for residents.

You’ll also find a lot of other amenities in Downtown Dundas. The area has an extensive range of dining options, unique stores, and large food markets.


Sydenham has some exceptional schools, including the Saint Augustine Catholic Elementary School. This is a great option for families who prioritize their children’s education and want to live in a neighbourhood that offers top-tier schooling.

Real Estate

The neighbourhood primarily consists of homes that were built during the 1900s, providing an old-world charm with modern finishes on the inside. This mix of classic and contemporary design makes the neighbourhood even more appealing to potential homebuyers.

Many families enjoy living in this neighbourhood, making it a great choice for those looking for a family-friendly community.

Sydenham (Dundas) neighbourhood

Barton Village (Central Hamilton)

Barton Village was once a thriving area, but now many storefronts are boarded up, and the area is home to at-risk people.


Although gentrification is happening in Barton Village, it’s not as rapid as in some other areas. Historic homes and beautiful buildings are waiting to be polished, and more businesses are popping up.

Barton Village (Central Hamilton) map
Barton Village (Central Hamilton) neigbourhood

Thriving Businesses

Despite the closures, there are still a few thriving businesses in Barton Village, and more are expected to open in the future.

Tim Hortons Field

Barton Village is home to Tim Hortons Field, where you can attend a Hamilton Tiger-Cats or Forge FC home game.

Real Estate

Barton Village has detached homes built between the 1900s and 1950s, with many affordable options for anyone looking to live there. Some homes have been split into duplexes or triplexes and rented out to various tenants.

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Spring Valley (Ancaster)

Spring Valley is a picturesque and peaceful neighbourhood situated only a short drive from the charming Village of Ancaster. 

Moreover, Spring Valley is known for being a very safe neighbourhood, which adds to its appeal.

Additionally, families with school-aged children will appreciate the fact that Spring Valley is located near some of the top-rated schools in the area, providing excellent educational opportunities for children.

Spring Valley (Ancaster) map


It boasts some excellent schools, including St. Anne’s Catholic Elementary School and the new Spring Valley Public Elementary School. The neighbourhood is also home to Ancaster High School. All of these schools have consistently ranked high in the Fraser Institute rankings.

robert wade park

Recreational Facilities

Spring Valley’s Robert E. Wade Park is renowned for its exceptional recreational facilities, including four baseball diamonds and multiple soccer fields. It attracts baseball and soccer enthusiasts of all ages, providing well-maintained spaces for games, practices, and tournaments.

The park is also home to the Morgan Firestone Arena, which offers ice hockey rinks for hockey enthusiasts.

Real Estate

Spring Valley is known for its large detached homes, occupying great-sized lots. Depending on your chosen street, the houses were primarily built in the 70s, 90s, or 2010s.

You’ll also find some small pockets with townhomes or low-rise buildings scattered throughout the neighbourhood.

Cost of Living

Spring Valley (Ancaster) neighbourhood

Due to its prime location and excellent amenities, Spring Valley is one of the more expensive neighbourhoods in Hamilton. If you’re looking to invest in the area, the high cost of properties may be a barrier to entry. However, the quality of life and excellent schools make it a popular choice for families and homeowners who want to settle down in Ancaster.

Downtown Hamilton (Central Hamilton)

Located in the heart of downtown Hamilton, Central Hamilton is a lively neighbourhood offering various attractions and amenities for young couples and singles.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Hess Village is one of the main attractions of this neighbourhood. With various trendy restaurants, pubs, bars, and clubs, there is always something going on for those who love to go out and have a good time. In addition, the area hosts several special events and festivals throughout the year.

Downtown Hamilton (Central Hamilton) map
hess village

Potential Risks

While the vibrant nightlife scene is a significant draw for many, it’s important to note that this neighbourhood can also have some downsides.

For instance, Hess Village can be a rowdy party hotspot, which could lead to poor decision-making and safety concerns. However, the area has improved its safety and security measures recently.

Increased Foot Traffic and At-Risk Populations

Central Hamilton is known for its high foot traffic, meaning the streets can be busy and crowded. Additionally, the neighbourhood attracts at-risk populations, which could pose safety concerns for some residents.


It’s also home to Jackson Square, which is a massive mall and one of the flagship malls in Hamilton, offering a variety of different stores for you to shop at.

Downtown Hamilton (Central Hamilton) neighbourhood

But you’ll also find many newer developments here as more money gets invested into the Hamilton downtown core.

Real Estate Market

Central Hamilton is a desirable neighbourhood for real estate investors and homebuyers. The area offers many new developments, including pre-construction projects that can be affordable.

Additionally, the neighbourhood is home to many historic heritage red brick homes that have been split up into duplex or triplex apartments, making them an attractive option for those looking to lease.

East Mount (Hamilton Mountain)

Located just on the edge of the mountain, East Mount is a neighbourhood that offers easy access through the Sherman Access or Upper Wellington Street. This area is known for its amazing views of the downtown core.

Investor's Dream

East Mount is a great neighbourhood for investors, with many short-term rentals and long-term professional tenants. The majority of real estate in this area is bungalows or one-and-a-half-story homes, which were primarily built in the 1900s. These homes often sit on deep lots with driveways extending through the whole lot

East Mount (Hamilton Mountain) map
East Mount (Hamilton Mountain) neighbourhood

Local Favourite Spots on Concession Street

East Mount is home to Concession Street, which is a popular spot for locals. Some of the neighbourhood’s favourite spots here include Dirty SouthSpeedy SubsCowabunga Pizza,  Caribbean Canada, and Lady Glaze Donuts 

The Juravinski Hospital is also located on Concession Street, making it an ideal location for healthcare professionals looking to live within walking distance of work.

Scenic Park Views

San Lawrence Park is a great place to visit for those who love nature. This park offers stunning views of the escarpment, making it the perfect spot for a picnic or a relaxing walk.


Parkview is a neighbourhood in Hamilton well-positioned for getting around the city. The QEW is located nearby, providing easy access to Burlington and Niagara Falls. Additionally, the Red Hill Valley allows residents to reach the mountain easily.

Red Hill Trail Lookout Point

The neighbourhood is also home to the Red Hill Trail Lookout Point, which offers a variety of hiking trails and a red bridge extending over the QEW that connects residents to Confederation Park.

Parkview map
Parkview neighbourhood

Considerations Before Moving

It’s important to note that the Woodward Avenue wastewater treatment plant is located near Parkview. While I didn’t notice the smell, others may be more sensitive to it. 

It’s recommended to take a drive through the neighbourhood before moving to assess any potential impact of the treatment plant’s odour.

Real Estate

Homes here are on the more affordable side and were primarily built in the 1950s, perfect for any first-time home buyers looking to purchase their first detached home and plan on commuting to one of the surrounding cities.

Westdale (Central Hamilton)

Westdale is a popular neighbourhood located beside McMaster University. Families who live in this community love the living atmosphere, amazing amenities, lush parks, and great schools it offers while still being close to McMaster University and McMaster Sick Kids Hospital.

However, despite its positive attributes, there are some downsides that potential residents should be aware of.

Charm and Convenience of Westdale

Westdale (Central Hamilton) map

Westdale’s charm lies in the lovely homes and the walkability to local businesses in Westdale’s  Village. In addition to the charm, the neighbourhood also offers great green spaces that students can enjoy.

Westdale (Central Hamilton) neighbourhood

Cautions of Living in Westdale

Despite its charm and convenience, there are some negatives to living in Westdale, particularly due to the university activities that happen in the area. There is an increase in backyard parties and bigger events happening during homecoming and frosh week. These events can lead to street rowdiness, with many students drinking. While no major damage has happened, it is still something that potential residents should be aware of.

However, the further you live away from McMaster University, the less you will notice this activity.

Real Estate

The homes in this area were constructed during the 1930s and offer many excellent choices for both young families seeking quality education and easy access to amenities, as well as investors seeking to maximize their real estate investment potential

The Bottom Line

If you’re serious about making Hamilton your home, don’t miss out on the valuable assistance provided by our FREE Essential Hamilton Home Buyers Starter Kit. This powerful resource is specifically designed to help you avoid common pitfalls and find the perfect neighbourhood in Hamilton. Download it today to give yourself a huge advantage when buying a home in this area.

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