Stoney Creek vs Waterdown: Your Ultimate Guide to Picking the Perfect Hamilton Neighborhood

Matthew Kelly | eXp Realty 
Jan 21, 2023

Stoney Creek vs Waterdown | Where Should You Move to in Hamilton?

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Hey there, future Hamiltonians and savvy homebuyers! 🏡 Are you stuck in the Stoney Creek vs Waterdown dilemma? Trust me, you’re not alone. Both neighborhoods are like two sides of a golden coin, each with its own unique charm. But don’t sweat it; we’re about to dive deep into the heart of these communities. From real estate to parks, we’ve got the scoop! And hey, if you’re really serious about making Hamilton your home, you’ll want to snag our FREE Hamilton Home Buyers Starter Kit. It’s the ultimate cheat sheet for homebuyers, and it’s just a click away!

Location, Location, Location!​

Stoney Creek

Ah, Stoney Creek! Nestled on Hamilton’s eastern edge, this place is a waterfront wonderland. Whether you’re into mature, tree-lined streets or brand-spanking-new developments, Stoney Creek has got you covered.


Now, let’s talk about Waterdown. It’s like the cool cousin who lives next to Burlington on Hamilton’s west side. Picture heritage homes with modern flair, and you’ve got Waterdown in a nutshell.

Real Estate: What's the Deal?

Overall Vibe

Waterdown’s been the pricier sibling, about 15% more expensive than Stoney Creek over the last decade. But hey, let’s break it down.

By the Numbers

  • Condos: Waterdown takes the cake, being 15% more expensive. Blame it on those swanky new condos!
  • Townhomes: Again, Waterdown’s 8% pricier.
  • Detached Homes: Waterdown’s a whopping 28% more expensive, but let’s be fair—Stoney Creek has a mix of older, modest homes that balance the scale.

Price Range Rundown

  • Both neighborhoods have homes that’ll make your wallet weep—think above the $1 million mark. But if you’re budget-conscious, Stoney Creek offers more options in the $500K to $1 million range.

Getting Around: Walk, Bus, or Bike?

Walk Score

  • Stoney Creek: 39
  • Waterdown: 41

Transit Score

  •  Stoney Creek: 51
  • Waterdown: 21

Biking Score

  • Stoney Creek: 47
  • Waterdown: 46

Schools: A+ or Just Passing?

  • Stoney Creek: 24 schools, average rating of 6.4
  • Waterdown: 6 schools, average rating of 6.38

Both neighborhoods are schooling the rest of Hamilton when it comes to education!

Parks: Your Green Escape

Stoney Creek

  • Fifty Point Conservation Area: Beaches, harbors, and campsites—oh my!
  • Confederation Park: Mini-golf, anyone? Or maybe a lazy river day at Wild Waterworks?
  • Devil’s Punch Bowl: A waterfall so cool, they named it after a cocktail!


Smokey Hollow: The sound of rushing water and the thrill of hiking trails.

Waterdown Memorial Park: From splash pads in the summer to skating loops in the winter, it’s a year-round fun fest!

Retail Therapy: Shop 'Til You Drop

Stoney Creek

  •   Eastgate Square: Your one-stop-shop for, well, shopping! 


  • Dundas Plaza: Forget the mall; this plaza has everything you need!


So, are you Team Stoney Creek or Team Waterdown? Either way, you’re winning! And remember, our FREE Hamilton Home Buyers Starter Kit is packed with tips, tricks, and all the info you’ll need to make your move a breeze.

Ready to take the plunge? Download the FREE Hamilton Home Buyers Starter Kit today and subscribe for more local insights. Can’t wait to welcome you to the neighborhood! 🏡👋



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