Top 10 Spring Activities to Do in Hamilton, Ontario: Your Ultimate Guide

Matthew Kelly | eXp Realty 
May 27, 2023

Top 10 SPRING ACTIVITIES TO DO in Hamilton Ontario

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Hey there, Hamiltonians and future residents of this fantastic city! 🌸 Spring has sprung, and we couldn’t be happier. Gone are the days of heavy winter coats and sipping hot chocolate by the fire. It’s time to embrace the warmer weather, longer days, and the vibrant life that spring brings to Hamilton. So, let’s jump right in and explore the top 10 activities that make spring in Hamilton nothing short of magical.

The Magic of Spring in Hamilton​

Spring in Hamilton is like waking up to a new world. The air is fresher, the sun seems brighter, and nature is putting on a show just for you. It’s a season of renewal and rediscovery, and trust me, you don’t want to miss out!

1. Royal Botanical Gardens

Imagine walking through a living canvas of vibrant colors and intoxicating scents. That’s what you get at the Royal Botanical Gardens during spring. From Magnolia to Cherry blossoms, the gardens are a feast for the senses. And guess what? There are five different gardens to explore! Want to know what’s currently in bloom? Check out their What’s in Bloom page; they update it regularly!

2. Hamilton's Art Crawl

Art, music, food—Hamilton’s Art Crawl has it all! Happening on the second Friday of every month, James Street North transforms into a cultural hotspot. Galleries, studios, and restaurants stay open late to welcome you. For more details, here’s the official Art Crawl guide.

3. Tiger Cat's and Forge FC Season Openers

Sports fans, rejoice! May brings the season openers for both the Tiger Cats and Forge FC. It’s a fantastic outing for people of all ages and won’t break the bank. So, grab your jerseys and foam fingers; it’s game time!

4. Food Festivals

Foodies, this one’s for you. Sew Hungry on Ottawa Street and Rib Fest are must-visits. Imagine live music, mouth-watering food, and beer gardens. It’s a gastronomic adventure you won’t forget!

5. Goat Yoga at Triple C Farm

Yes, you read that right—Goat Yoga! It’s yoga, but with adorable goats. Triple C Farm offers this unique experience, along with other activities like Movies with Animals. Check out their website for more.

6. Golf Season

Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, Hamilton has a golf course for you. From Chedoke Golf Course to Pinelands and Hamilton Golf and Country Club, the options are endless. So, dust off those clubs and hit the greens!

7. Patio Season

Al fresco dining is back, baby! King William Dining District, Edge Water Manor, and Barangas on the Beach are just a few spots to enjoy a meal outdoors. For more options, here’s a comprehensive patio guide.

8. Spring Cleaning & Home Maintenance

Okay, it’s not as fun as the other activities, but it’s essential. Spring is the perfect time to tackle home maintenance tasks. From checking your roof to ensuring your AC is in top shape, a little effort now can save you a lot later.

9. Farmers Markets

Late spring is when the outdoor farmers markets kick into gear. From Wednesday to Saturday, you can find fresh, local produce and support local businesses. It’s a win-win!

10. Take a Hike​

Hamilton is a hiker’s paradise. With numerous parks and trails, the options are endless. If you’re looking for recommendations, check out my video on the top 10 parks and waterfalls in Hamilton.


So there you have it, folks—the top 10 spring activities in Hamilton. Whether you’re a nature lover, a foodie, or a sports fan, Hamilton has something for everyone this spring. And if you’re planning to make Hamilton your home, don’t forget to download your FREE Hamilton Home Buyers Starter Kit. It’s your ultimate guide to enjoying Hamilton in all its seasonal glory. Ready to dive into all that Hamilton has to offer? Subscribe for more local tips and insights. And don’t forget, the FREE Hamilton Home Buyers Starter Kit is just a click away. Can’t wait to see you around Hamilton this spring! 🌼✌️



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