Where to Live in Ancaster, Hamilton Ontario [EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW]

Matthew Kelly | eXp Realty 
28 Oct 2023

Where are the best neighbourhoods in Ancaster Ontario For Your Family?

Nestled within the bustling city of Hamilton lies Ancaster, a community where the charm of yesteryear meets the conveniences of modern living. It’s a place where families, professionals, and retirees alike find their perfect spot to call home. 

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The Allure of Ancaster

Ancaster is a unique blend of geography and convenience, comfortably sandwiched between the major thoroughfares of Wilson Street and Garner Road. It’s a town that offers a neighbourhood for every taste and lifestyle, from the serene tree-lined streets of historic districts to the vibrant, modern developments that continue to enrich the community’s fabric.

Education and Recreation: Pillars of Ancaster Living

At the heart of Ancaster’s community spirit is the Ancaster Public High School, not just an institution for learning but a hub for local activities and pride. Complementing this academic cornerstone is the Ancaster Aquatic Center, a facility that promises year-round fun with its indoor pools and programs for all ages. 

For the little sluggers and future sports stars, the Ancaster Little League Park is a testament to the town’s family-oriented ethos. It’s a place where weekend games are a local event, and the sound of cheering families is as commonplace as the crack of a bat.

Shop, Dine, and Unwind

Wilson Street is more than just a road; it’s Ancaster’s lifeline of commerce and cuisine. Shopping centers dot the landscape, offering everything from daily necessities to unique finds. 

When it comes to dining, Ancaster serves up a smorgasbord of options. Cozy up in a local pub, or enjoy the casual ambiance of family-friendly eateries. Every meal is an opportunity to savour the local flavour.

Getting Around: Ancaster's Accessibility

The 403 isn’t just a highway; it’s Ancaster’s gateway to the Greater Hamilton area and beyond, making commutes a breeze. For the younger residents, public transportation provides a vital link to schools, ensuring that education is always within reach.

The Heart of the Community

Ancaster’s community life is vibrant and active. The Hamilton Golf Course offers a green oasis for enthusiasts, while the Eagle Classic Golf Center driving range is a local favourite for both seasoned golfers and those new to the game. These recreational landmarks are more than facilities; they’re places where memories are made and friendships are forged.

Home Sweet Home: Ancaster's Real Estate Scene

In the Hamilton real estate market, Ancaster stands out for its blend of community and luxury. The housing landscape is diverse, with original bungalows exuding character and custom builds boasting modern amenities. The Maple Lane Annex, in particular, is a beacon for those seeking new construction, with its array of stylish townhomes and condos catering to a range of preferences and budgets.

Ancaster’s Neighbourhoods Overview

Meadowlands: Modern Living with Historical Charm


Meadowlands of Ancaster is a gem located off Highway 403 & Lincoln Alexander Parkway. This modern neighborhood harmonizes with the historical vibe of Ancaster, offering a blend of convenience and aesthetic appeal.


  • Meadow Lands Shopping Centre: A shopping haven with Costco, Home Depot, Bestbuy, and more.
  • Parks: A dog park, Meadowlands Community Park, and Iroquois Heights Conservation Area for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Schools: Redeemer University and four elementary schools cater to educational needs, though high school students will be bused to neighboring areas.
  • Golf: The Eagle Classic Golf Centre and Mini Putt offer the best driving range in Hamilton.

Real Estate

The Meadowlands boasts a mix of older homes near Golf Links Road and newer constructions around Garner Road. Detached homes dominate, with townhomes and condos offering diverse living options.

Ancaster Heights, Mohawk Meadows & Maywood

Established Elegance


These neighbourhoods are the heart of Ancaster, offering unique homes on large lots within walking distance to Ancaster Village’s local shops and eateries.


  • Waterfalls & Parks: Tiffany Falls and Sherman Falls are neighborhood treasures.
  • Sports & Leisure: Ancaster Sports Centre and Hamilton Golf & Country Club cater to sports enthusiasts.
  • Village Charm: The Village of Ancaster is home to quaint businesses like Coach & Lantern and Caniche French Bakery.

Real Estate

Here, you’ll find a mix of detached homes from the ’60s to ’80s and custom estate homes with scenic views, all within a mature setting.

Oakhill/Clearview: Nature's Luxury


Oakhill/Clearview Heights is an exclusive enclave known for its executive homes and generous lots nestled in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area.


  • Conservation: The 3000-acre Dundas Valley is a biodiverse haven for nature lovers.
  • Proximity: Close to the Village of Ancaster and its array of local businesses.

Real Estate

The neighborhood is characterized by large detached homes and private estates, reflecting its status as one of Ancaster’s most prestigious areas.

Parkview Heights (aka Spring Valley): Community and Convenience


Parkview Heights is a family-friendly neighborhood known for its excellent schools and community amenities.


  • Education: Top-rated elementary and high schools, including Ancaster Public High School.
  • Recreation: The Ancaster Aquatic Centre and Robert E. Wade Park offer family fun.
  • Shopping: Convenient shopping plazas along Wilson Street.

Real Estate

Detached homes are prevalent, with townhomes and condos providing additional options for various family sizes and budgets.

Dancaster Courts/Nakoma: Central Living with a Suburban Feel


Situated in the middle of Ancaster, this neighborhood offers quick access to the 403 and a variety of schools and parks.


  • Schools: Multiple elementary schools and parks like Optimist Park.
  • Golf: The prestigious Hamilton Golf & Country Club is a stone’s throw away.

Real Estate

A mix of original bungalows and side splits from the ’60s to ’80s, alongside larger homes built in the ’90s, offers a range of options for homebuyers.

Maple Lane Annex: New Construction and Family-Friendly


This area features newer construction and is ideal for young families looking for modern living close to amenities.


  • Shopping: The Smart Centre Ancaster provides a one-stop-shop for all needs.
  • Recreation: James Smith Park and Oak Gables Golf Club offer outdoor activities.

Real Estate

New townhomes and detached homes are the highlights, with developments adding to the neighborhood’s appeal.

Rural Ancaster: Private and Pastoral


For those seeking privacy and space, Rural Ancaster offers farm fields, conservation lands, and secluded properties.


  • Local Produce: Lindley’s Farm and Market for fresh goods.
  • Events: Ancaster Fair Ground hosts annual fairs and community events.

Real Estate

From fixer-upper bungalows to custom estates on private driveways, the real estate here caters to a range of rural living preferences.

Ready to Find Your Perfect Ancaster Neighborhood?

As our tour of Ancaster concludes, the invitation to become a part of this wonderful community stands. Whether you’re considering a relocation or simply curious about the pros and cons of living in Ancaster, we’re here to guide you. Contact us for a personalized relocation consultation, and don’t forget to watch our next video for more insights.

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