Is Burlington A Good City To Raise a Family in?

Matthew Kelly | eXp Realty 
04 March 2022

WHY FAMILIES Choose To Live In Burlington Ontario Canada

Curious about raising your family in Burlington, Ontario? You’re in the right place! I’m here to guide you through why this city is a family favourite for lots of my clients. 

From award-winning safety to enriching education, Burlington is more than just a city; it’s a community. And don’t forget, I’ve got a FREE Burlington Home Buyers Starter Kit just for you!

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Safety First in Burlington

When it comes to family life, safety is paramount. In Burlington, peace of mind is part of the package. Let’s delve into what makes Burlington a secure sanctuary for families.

  • Award-Winning Safety: Halton (which is the region burlington is in) has consistently ranked among Canada’s safest regions of more than 100,0000 for over 20+ years
  • Community Confidence: Residents report feeling safe walking alone, both during the day and at night, according to Numbeo’s public perception data.

Top-Notch Schools

Every parent dreams of excellent education for their kids, and Burlington’s schools make those dreams a reality. From academic performance to diverse programs, Burlington’s schools are a cut above.

  • Provincial Excellence: Lots Burlington’s schools consistently outperform the provincial average.
  • Fraser Institute Rankings: A good tool for comparing school performance across Ontario.
  • Educational Diversity: Offering French immersion, gifted programs, and proximity to renowned post-secondary institutions.
  • Rich Extracurriculars: A plethora of activities, from sports to arts, fostering well-rounded development.

Healthcare: A Cornerstone of Burlington's Community

Robust healthcare is vital for family well-being, and Burlington’s healthcare system is designed with this in mind. From state-of-the-art facilities to accessible clinics, Burlington prioritizes your health.

  • Joe Brant Hospital: A modern hospital with recent expansions, including a pandemic response unit.
  • Accessible Clinics: A network of doctors’ offices and walk-in clinics throughout Burlington.
  • Nearby Healthcare Facilities: Close to Oakville’s new hospital and McMaster Children’s Hospital.
  • Resident Satisfaction: High satisfaction rates with healthcare services, complemented by Burlington’s low pollution levels.

Green Spaces Galore

Burlington isn’t just family-friendly; it’s a green paradise! With a park around every corner, each offering its unique charm, there’s always an adventure waiting for you and your family. From waterfront relaxation to botanical beauty, let’s explore the top parks that make Burlington a nature lover’s dream

  • Spencer Smith Park: The heart of Burlington’s community life, known for its stunning waterfront views, iconic pier, and vibrant music festivals. The cherry blossoms here symbolize Burlington’s friendship with Japan, adding a touch of international flair to your park experience.
  • LaSalle Park: Located in Aldershot, this all-season park offers a variety of activities, from bocce ball to baseball, and even a pool. The harbor and boat launch are perfect for water enthusiasts, and in winter, the park transforms into a tobogganing hotspot.
  • Bronte Creek Provincial Park: Spanning over 1600 acres, this park is a four-season wonderland. It features hiking trails, a vintage farmhouse, and the largest outdoor pool in the area. The park’s events add a unique flavor to each visit.
  • Nelson Park: A hub of sports and community spirit in the Longmoor neighbourhood. With facilities like an ice rink, an outdoor pool with a diving board, and even a rock climbing wall, it’s a place where energy and excitement are always in the air.

Festivals and Fun

Burlington is a city that knows how to have fun! Packed with festivals and activities, it’s a place where family memories are made.

  • Year-Round Festivities: Enjoy everything from Rib Fest to the Sound of Music Festival to the Canaday Day Celebrations.
  • Community Parades: Seasonal parades that bring the Burlington community together.
  • Free Activities: Community centers offer free skating and swimming, perfect for family outings.

And that’s Burlington for you – a city where safety, education, healthcare, and fun come together to create the perfect environment for families. 

If you’re considering calling Burlington home, I’m here to help make that transition smooth. Don’t forget to grab your FREE Burlington Home Buyers Starter Kit for all the essential info!



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