Why I Loved Living in Burlington, Ontario & REASONS I MOVED OUT.

Matthew Kelly | eXp Realty 
16 Dec 2023

Living in Burlington For 20 Years...

Imagine a place where every street corner tells a story, and every sunset feels like it’s personally greeting you. 

That’s Burlington for me. Over 20 years, this city wasn’t just where I lived; it was a part of who I became. 

Now, I’m peeling back the curtain to share the top reasons why this city might just capture your heart too. And hey, stick around till the end, to learn the reasons I moved out of Burlington to Hamilton.  

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Burlington Schools: Academic Excellence

Let’s talk schools! Burlington isn’t just about pretty landscapes; it’s a powerhouse of academic excellence. 

Whether your kid is a future scientist or the next Picasso, the schools here are nothing short of amazing. 

I’ve walked those halls, and let me tell you, they’re brimming with opportunities and support for every kind of learner as a Dyslexic myself. But you don’t have to believe me check out the Fraser Institute rankings to see for yourself! 

  • Diverse and Quality Schools: Burlington boasts 27 Public and 14 Catholic Elementary Schools, along with 7 Public and 3 Catholic High Schools, known for their academic rigour and inclusive environments.
  • Support for All Learners: The schools here are equipped with resources for diverse learning needs, including special education programs like the one that helped me with my dyslexia, ensuring every child gets the support they need.
  • Rich Extracurricular Activities: From competitive sports teams to vibrant arts and music programs, Burlington schools offer a plethora of activities to foster all-round development.

Safety and Serenity in Burlington

Now, let’s get honest about safety. In Burlington, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is perhaps eating too much ice cream at the local parlour! 

With an impressive track record in safety, this city is where you can truly breathe easy and let the kids roam free.

  • Impressive Safety Statistics: Burlington is part of the Halton Region, which has been recognized for 24 consecutive years for having the lowest rates of violent and non-violent crime in Canada for regions with a population over 100,000. To learn more information, check out the Halton Police website.
  • My Personal Experience: Growing up here, I never felt unsafe. The community’s proactive approach and the effective local police service mean that children and adults alike can enjoy a secure environment.
  • Community Trust: The strong sense of community and mutual respect among residents contributes to the overall safety and serenity of Burlington.

Burlington's Parks: The Great Outdoors

Ah, the great outdoors! Burlington’s parks are like a green carpet rolled out in honour of nature lovers. 

Whether you’re into serene hikes, thrilling mountain biking, or just a lazy day by the lake, there’s a spot with your name on it here.

  • Variety of Parks: Burlington is home to numerous parks, including Mount Nemo, Rattlesnake Point for breathtaking hikes, Bronte Creek for fishing and mountain biking, and Spencer Smith Park for waterfront strolls.
  • Personal Favorite Spots: I’ve spent countless hours at Nelson Park playing under the lights on the turf football field and shooting hoops at the basketball courts. These parks are not just green spaces; they’re community hubs.
  • Connecting with Nature: Burlington’s commitment to preserving green spaces means residents have a plethora of options for outdoor activities, contributing to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

The Heart of Burlington: Its People

Ever walked down a street where every face is a story waiting to be told? That’s the vibe of Burlington. 

It’s the kind of place where a simple ‘hello’ can lead to a lifelong friendship. The community spirit here is as rich as the city’s history!

  • Friendly and Welcoming Community: Burlington is known for its warm and inclusive community. Whether you’re at a local cafe or walking down a trail, expect smiles and greetings – it’s just how we do things here!
  • Personal Connections: My own experiences of neighbourly waves, community events, and spontaneous conversations exemplify the close-knit nature of Burlington’s residents.
  • The Burlington Bond: The city’s spirit is palpable in every interaction, making it more than just a place to live but a place to belong.

Celebrating Burlington: Events and Festivals

If you think Burlington is just about quiet living, wait till you see it party! 

From the sizzling grills of Ribfest to the enchanting Festival of Lights, this city knows how to throw a celebration. And I’ve been in the thick of it all, soaking up every bit of fun!

  • Year-Round Festivities: Burlington hosts the largest Ribfest in Canada, the Sound of Music Festival with free concerts, the Food Truck Festival offering a smorgasbord of cuisines, and the magical Festival of Lights during the winter holidays.
  • Personal Festival Favorites: Ribfest has always been a highlight for me, with its mouth-watering array of BBQ and vibrant atmosphere. The Festival of Lights transforms Spencer Smith Park into a winter wonderland, a tradition my family cherishes.

Reasons I Moved Out of Burlington!

Every story has its twists, and mine led me to Hamilton when I attended McMaster. It wasn’t an easy decision, but sometimes life’s about finding a new adventure.

While Burlington offered a fantastic upbringing, the rising cost of living and real estate prices led me to seek more affordable options. Hamilton presented a balance of affordability and opportunity, especially for a student and then young professional.

The decision to move was bittersweet. Burlington was home, but Hamilton offered a fresh start with new prospects. It was a move not just for a house but for the future.

Hamilton has its own charm and vibrancy, with a growing arts scene, diverse communities, and more space to grow both personally and professionally.

Wrapping Up My Burlington Experience

And there you have it! Burlington, with all its charm and quirks, has been a huge chapter in my life. 

Whether you’re considering a move or just curious about this gem of a city, I hope my story sheds some light. And remember, if you’re looking to make a move, my FREE Burligton Home Buyers Starter Kit is just a click away, packed with all you need to know!



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